What they say!

I just have to say, to take my hat off to you. My husband poo-pood my need to find any mole-catching advice on the internet. He set out to prove that he knew everything about catching moles by setting two scissor traps into two recently dug molehills!!!!!!!

He didn't heed my advice, and, ten days later, I had caught 6 moles and he had none! Best wishes Suzanne.

Dear Chris, Well what can we say, your a bl**dy genius!!!

David put your system into action and caught six moles! he caught 2 at the same time, one either end of the trap, so well done to you and your system, thank you very much! It has been 2 weeks since the last appearance of any hills, so David removed the traps this morning, and fingers crossed, but of course if they re-appear we know what to do!

If you are ever in the area, we would be happy to cook dinner for you to express our gratitude! Kind regards for now, Nicky


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