The CD Rom will teach you within about an hour, via a Quickstart, to correctly set Tunnel and Talpex Traps. You really can quickly become a competent and reliable mole catcher in a very short time.

The CD Rom goes in a computer drive (download available for Tablets such as iPads) and brings up a pdf document which has detailed text and close up photographs.

Additionally there are half a dozen short videos showing you each stage of proceedings.  See my FEEDBACK PAGE to see what has been said!

The Molecatching Manual and six Online Videos

The Molecatching Manual and six Online Videos£8.00

The Molecatching Manual and Six Videos covering all aspects online.

In order to get best use from my CD Rom it is very important that you have high quality traps.  Test your traps by reading the para HOW LONG DOES A TRAP LAST in the CD ROM or the last paragraph on our TRAP REVIEW PAGE