Some feedback received since The Mole Kit first went on sale in 1999


23/4/18  Order IN2528 

Many thanks.  I received the Talpex traps last week and watched the video which was extremely helpful.  As you explained they are a bit tricky to set but they work (which cannot be said for other types I have bought recently).  No more mole hills since Saturday.  I shall certainly consider buying more of the kit in the future as, unfortunately, I know they will be back.Thank you again.Jan 

10/02/18 Amazon Order  Received my 3 Duffus traps, watched the video and caught my first mole on Day 1.Thrilled with the product and excellent instructions. Thank you so much! Anna

22/01/18 Amazon Order Them talpex traps are spot on not missed yet!! Money well spent!! 

12/01/18  Order IN2411   Hi Chris 

I can't praise the efficiency of your service and traps enough. I bought the duffus traps to use on the village allotments. In 10 days I have caught 10 moles (9 in the duffus traps and the pesky trap shy mole in the talpex trap.)
The quality of the traps is excellent, the instructional videos are excellent and the results are fantastic. 

Thank you. Happy mole catching 2018  Best wishes Felicity

21/12/17  Order IN2326

Chris,Just to say thanks, for your equipment & advise.  
After a slow start, I wasn’t being patience enough.  I have now caught 4 moles and appear to have resolved our problem for now!
Thanks again.  Bill 

16/11/17  Order IN2279

Hello Chris  Re. my recent order (below) you ask for feedback and I'm pleased to say that my first trap setting has been successful. The instructions/video are very clear and the traps seem very well made and robust.

13/09/17 Order IN2257

I set the tunnel trap as per instructions on Saturday and caught the mole, which has been causing havoc in my small lawn, today (Sunday). I had been using scissor traps for a few weeks without success. Thanks. David 


13/09/17 Order IN2249

Hi there
Many thanks for your prompt service. Great item caught mole within second day. Regards Joe

24/06/17 Order IN1602

Hello Chris.  I have enjoyed good success over the 2 years since I purchased both Talpex & tunnel traps from you.  So far 69 caught! Mainly with the Talpex, use the tunnel more for shallow runs.  Had a bit of bother with a run lately – dry loose soil, no mole hills but knew a mole was about. Today I saw the trap sprung, both springs,  and was astonished with the result – picture attached 2 for the price of one. Ever had that happen?  Regards Ray  (Comment. Yes not infrequently!)

22/06/17 Order IN2105

Hi Chris.I have recently bought a Mole Catching Starter Kit from you (IN2105) and tried them out.
You will be pleased to know that I caught a mole within a day of setting the first trap.
A few days later we caught a second mole with the second trap.
We have not seen any more activity so have not set any more traps.
With the dry weather and the ground being so hard we wondered if worms were not active and so the moles were also not active?
Based on my experience I can recommend your traps. They are simple to set provided one follows your clear instructions.
Thank you - I was beginning to despair at the damage to my garden.  Brian.

20/06/17 Order IN2150  

Chris good afternoon, just to say the order arrived no problem, and the CD / instructions were followed to the letter resulting in 3 moles in two days.
The traps are still in place and awaiting further developments .Thank you for the detail on the CD it certainly paid dividends.

20/06/17 Order IN2155     

Hi Chris  Watched the video, set the traps, left overnight, mole caught.

14/06/17 Order IN2159

Awesome trap. I now decided to try the probe, but my soil is really rocky. I've caught 11 with your trap since I purchased the first 2 a while back. Please send quickly, they are closing in, heheh.


02/06/17 Order IN2108

I really like the tunnel trap.  I just recently purchased 2.  This trap is working where others won't. 
I guess I am one of the lucky ones to get 2 at one time.
Thanks again, Tim

15/05/17 Order IN2114


Hi , caught my allotment mole first time following your video brilliant   thank you   Tony


13/03/17 Order No 2053

Hello Chris, just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know that I laid my 3 traps on Saturday & Sunday and have caught 3 moles already!
One of the runs was very shallow, only just under the surface but still managed to catch 2 moles in 2 nights in this run and another one in the front garden!
Laid all 3 traps again – let’s see what tomorrow brings...
Cannot express how impressed I am with the traps and more importantly the outstanding advice on exactly what to do – not often in this day & age that find good honest advice & experience...that really works...
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you have one very happy customer...the money spent on the kit has already paid for itself in just 2 days...Keep up the great work...Kind Regards, Sati

08/03/17 Order No. AMZ 203-2261830-0261117 

Hi Chris,   I bought 6 tunnel traps from you last week, having had them set fro 3 days with no joy, i dug them up to find 3 had been backfilled with soil!.  So i re watched your video and reset all 6 taking more care to follow the steps exactly, and this morning i have caught 4 moles from 6 traps!, delighted is an understatement.

Thanks i now have a new obsession!  Steve S

26/02/17 Order No. IN2026
Hi Chris, point of interest; every little bit of feedback helps! Out of curiosity, bought one of your competitor's 'Talpex-type-traps' and boy was I peed off with its quality...Yes, they will kill a mole, but not without the animal suffering; literally, 'squeezes' the poor little blighter to death, whereas your genuine Talpex traps are much more humane and kill the mole outright, instantanteously. So from here on in, only your traps will do. 'By cheap - buy twice'. Curiosity definitely killed my cat and wasted my money. No comparison..!
You take care and again, thanks for your back-up service.
Best regards,  Jeff

04/02/17 Order IN1974 Mole Catching Kit

Dear Chris  Very good video. Caught first mole with first trap on the first day! Peter 

22/01/17 Order No. IN1958

Dear Chris,  After much research I discovered your web site and bought your mole catching starter kit which arrived just 2 days later and I am thrilled to report that I set my first 2 traps yesterday afternoon and today found that I had caught a mole in each one.  Your CD was very informative on how the whole process works for a complete novice like me and the traps are top quality.  You have also been extremely helpful on the phone,

Thank you so very much, I hope to have our mole invasion in our apple orchard near Petworth, West Sussex under control very soon.
Best wishes and I think I shall be ordering 2 more traps shortly .. on a roll!  Emma

11/01/17 Order Nos.AMZ  202-2821941-9529921 and 7790735

Just caught my first mole with one of your traps! 
I have ordered another 6. Thank you 


08/01/17 Order Nos. IN1715  

Been using the tunnel traps since June with great success. 
The springs in the traps are so strong that i was still catching moles in frozen ground. The mud used to cover the trap had completely frozen over and gone rock solid. Really shows how strong these things are made, to be unaffected in these conditions. 
5 stars from me. 

6/12/16 Order Nos. IN1866 and IN 1893 

Hi Chris,  Just a quick note to say I was very happy with the trap you supplied and have just placed an order to some more. Catch rate of your trap is 100% (three moles in three days) and no empty triggers. 
The cheaper version I previously bought has caught nothing in the same location, the main problem with the cheaper version appears to be soft trigger wire loop which allows too much deflection before release.....Anyway thanks again garden back to normal. Peter 


Good afternoon Chris Just to let you know following the collection of the kit from you last Monday--instructions read & followed, trap set, one mole caught ! Thank you Regards Tony 

04/11/2016   Order No IN1841

Hi Chris   Having purchased 2 talpex traps and a mole run probe from you 2 weeks ago. I followed your instructions and I must say the results are very satisfying moles caught within 3 hours of setting the traps. As such I have just placed an order for a further 4 traps. I have 15 acres of ground and a few moles to catch !!! Thanks again for your help Kind regards Alasdair 

21/10/16    Order No 203-1727732-1720331

I was having limited success with scissors traps and bought 3 tunnel traps from you
I am delighted to tell you that I caught 2 moles the first night I set your traps
Many thanks and best wishes
John      Fraserburgh Scotland

24/06/16 Order No IN1813

Hi Chris. Just to let you know, I set the two tunnel traps yesterday and had my first catch in less than 5 hours. It may have been quicker, but that's just when I checked. With regards to the instructions (written and video) they have been very helpful so far. Best regards,  Reese.

22/09/16  Order No IN1810.

Chris, I downloaded the version of mole catching for I pad on Tuesday and have studied it carefully over the last couple of evenings, arrived home from work today to find the mole catching kit had been delivered, as soon as I saw the traps and tested the springs it was very apparent they are much better quality than all the other traps I have, eager to get some traps in before dark I did slightly depart from your instructions and installed the talpex trap into a run that one of my previous traps had been in, I did however carefully modify the hole as closely as possible as your instructions, went in had my dinner then decided to have a last quick look round the garden and bingo within 40 MINUTES the mole that has evaded me for three weeks was in the bag.
I appreciate I got lucky setting the trap just before a period of activity but all the same I was delighted, I have as you advised re set the trap in the hope of some more.
I hope I haven't jinxed myself by emailing you to early, it could be a busy Autumn as I now have set myself a target of clearing our ten acres of paddocks, I will keep you posted and will probably be ordering some more traps in the very near future.  Thanks for now. Regards  Jeff 

25/08/16 Order No  IN1786.

Hi Chris. Received the Talpex and tunnel traps yesterday. Set them after watching your very informative videos.
No results when I checked this morning, but one new molehill. I moved the tunnel trap to the run leading to it, and this afternoon - Bingo! One ex mole!   I've reset it in the same run, hoping for a repeat performance. As far as I'm concerned, the traps have already paid for themselves.  Many Thanks  Eric


Hi Chris, mole caught on first night – great instructions.  I’ve reset in case there are others following in its tracks.
I certainly can’t fault your instructions and kit – I expected to be mucking about for at least a week J


Dear Mr Boone,

I felt that I should write to let you know how delighted I have been with the mole catching equipment that you supplied recently. My ‘mole man’ of many years recently retired and I felt it was time to have a go myself. Thanks to your pretty foolproof video guides and the run detection tool, I have had great success and have cleared my six acres of 8 moles in the last 2 weeks.

This has been the first time that we have been mole free (at least temporarily) for years. Many thanks for the advice.

Michael V*****


Thanks to following you instructions to the best of my limited ability I caught my problem mole today with your Talpex trap....the first time I have used a Talpex.
I used it alongside one of your tunnel traps as you suggested.
Kind regards 


As a retired Airline Captain I am delighted to have found at last a technically correct and thoroughly professional review regarding the truth about a variety of mole traps 


We have had moles in our garden for the last 12 months on and off and I had tried everything to get rid of them. 
I ordered a mole catching kit at the beginning of February, followed your video and set two traps. Next morning I had caught my first mole so I re-set the trap and put in back in the same spot and within two days I had caught mole number two. Left the traps in place for a couple of weeks to make sure there were no more thinking of moving in and to my delight there has not been any activity. I have now removed the traps, replaced the turf and patched up my lawn. Hopefully the lawn will remain mole free but I am confident that if anymore moles take up residence I will be able to deal with them straight away. So I would like to say a massive thank you as without your detailed instruction I don't think I would have been so successful. Worth every penny!! 


3 tunnel traps put in place following the instructions on the film.. Success 2 moles caught first night!! Fab.. Thank you!!


Chris, I bought a starter kit from you in June, having failed to catch any moles myself with tunnel traps and having previously employing expensive 'experts' to do the job for me.

Threw my old traps away, complete rubbish compared to the ones you supplied.

Anyway no moles caught first time, but I persevered and caught two moles next time are right it's a great feeling!

Just wanted to let you know that I was successful so that you can put another tick in the successful sale column. I would never have caught them without your comprehensive instructions. 

So far no more mole activity, I am sure they are coming from a neighbours property and he has laid a lot of traps as well. Between us we are cleaning up the neighbourhood! Before I bought your kit I asked my neighbour how he caught moles , he said he had been doing it since he was a boy but he seemed reluctant to show me how. I feel so good now being independent and not having to rely on him to teach me.



Hi just to let you know, first chance I have had to set the traps you sent me was yesterday, I have just checked them this morning and one mole caught it's a bit bigger than I thought, I have a medium to large garden is it likely he or she would be on their own or would there possibly be more ?? If you get time could you possibly let me know, thank you David L (Bought a mole catching kit)



Hi mole catching going well caught 7 so far  many thanks rich C (Bought a kit 7th September)



Hi, I recently bought some traps from you and I just wanted to Thank You!. 

I followed your procedural videos on your YouTube, and set my traps accordingly! And Hey Presto! I caught the little bu**er. 

Great result ! Many thanks for your shared wisdom on how to catch moles, and the superior traps which will I am sure be put to work! Kind regards Joe 



Dear Chris   Today I caught my first mole! Thanks so much for you detailed instructions. At first I had difficulty locating the runs but I found that if I closed my eyes when pushing in the probe then I found them easily! Thanks again  Monique



I bought some tunnel traps from you a couple of years ago and have had excellent catch rates following you instructions on dvd. This year I had a couple of traps stolen from a public area so bought some more from you,again  with great success. At the same time I bought a talpex  trap ,in case ,and for 6 months it lay on the shelf. I have had a clever mole this week in some light soil with shallow runs barely under the surface. Twice it pushed  aside the tunnel trap so I tried the Talpex and next morning I had got him. Easy to set and install. Thanks for your advice and traps. Kind Regards Richard B



Hi Chris   Just to let you know, I just got my 36th mole today. All with the barrel traps & all in my garden. I think I have got the hang of it now! Jeremy L (Note In 4 months)



Just a quick email about the Talpex traps I bought a few months ago.  The traps are really effected and I catch just about every time I set them.  A very good product, thank you.
Peter White



Dear Sir , 
Many thanks for my 2nd Talpex from yourself . Huge improvement in quality compared to my usual throw away stuff necessitated by theft and animals . 
I am a quite experienced mole catcher though not a professional and appreciated your video . Very neat work and something to aspire to . 
The trap has already caught and got me in the good books with the local church , whose garden was blighted with them .
Best Wishes , Geoff .



Chris,         Having tried sonic repellers/deterrents and scissor type traps without success over several months I finally bought your traps.
Within 24 hours of setting my traps I have caught my first mole!
Thanks for the very informative video I am convinced that it was instrumental in me getting the trap in the right place.
Thanks again  Andy



Hello Chris You were spot-on when you said that a half-acre plot would have a maximum of six moles, maybe three -to- four.

I set the (new) trap in the back garden, in, according to your advice, what I thought was a main tunnel.  Within 24 hrs the trap had caught three moles, morning/ evening/ morning and all three had approached the tunnel in the same direction.

Now, having caught six moles (three, front garden, three back garden), do I leave the traps in place and look for other evidence for future workings?  I think I have a rogue mole, further down the back garden, next to the stream at the bottom of the back garden, but it is very difficult to locate its run - very overgrown !

I just have to say, to take my hat off to you, that my husband poo-pood my need to find any mole-catching advice on the internet. He set out to prove that he knew everything about catching moles by setting two scissor traps into two recently dug molehills!!!!!!!

He didn't heed my advice, and, ten days later, I had my 6 caught moles and he had none! Best wishes Suzanne.


Absolutely great product, I am a very keen gardener and have spent a fortune this year trying to get rid of moles in my garden. To be fair to the mole catcher he caught several of the little so and so's. However I could not afford to keep spending money having him return so after watching him set the traps and talking to him decided try myself and purchased the traps. Set two of the traps as soon as they arrived and checked them the next morning and one more mole trapped, hopefully not beginners luck. Traps easy to set after watching the video supplied and also great advise on finding the mole runs. Would thoroughly recommend the product, but make sure you follow the instructions carefully.



Chris, You’ll be pleased to hear that on the first day I caught two moles in the same tunnel trap. How’s that for beginner’s luck? The next day I caught two more,  so I can only conclude that there was something in your excellent document that improved my setting.

I’ve spent rather a lot of money with an expert catcher over the years, who has always relied on tunnel traps, while resorting occasionally to what I now know to be a Talpex. I am definitely going to persevere with the tunnel traps and already feel much more confident that I can deal with the next infestation. For the moment though, I think I’m clear.

Best wishes,




My husband didn't think I'd be strong enough to set the three tunnel traps we bought recently, but your EXCELLENT video and tips made it EASY! Within 24 hours, I'd caught the first of five moles in a three week period. Many thanks for providing such good quality equipment - I was really concerned about the traps being quick and humane - and the professionalism of your video, which made what I thought would be a difficult (though necessary) task, surprisingly easy to do. Many thanks,  A*** L***** (Mrs)



Good Afternoon Chris,

I purchased your "mole catching starter kit" at the end of April and you invited feedback, good or bad.  Let me start by saying it is all good!

I have had some mole activity in a corner of my garden (about an acre) for a few years, but this year it became much more extensive.  I researched the various methods for mole control on offer, but remained unconvinced by all of the claims, until I came across your website.  Your straightforward style gave me confidence to go ahead.  Although I can now set a tunnel trap without even thinking about it, the first time would have been a problem without your excellent video.  Finding the runs is very straightforward with the probe; a simple but essential tool in my view.  After less than 24 hours, one trap had been triggered but no mole.  After a reset and slight reposition, the first mole was caught in the same trap within a day.  Suffice to say, with three traps I caught a total of four moles within two weeks, but most importantly, no sign of activity since the day the traps were first set. I have no hesitation in recommending your kit.

One added, but totally unrelated, bonus was to be able to watch the removal of the dead moles by Red Kites within minutes of them being discarded! Many thanks  Brian B



Hi Christopher,
Just to say thanks for the mole traps and for the excellent instructional videos.  I set the traps out for the first time last night and this morning I have caught my first mole!  Looking forward to a mole free lawn soon! Best regards Steve B



Hi Christopher
I just wanted to provide some feedback. The combination of the trap and your enlightening instructions made light work of catching our first mole on the second day!
In fact, it would seem the area we were most worried about had just one mole so to solve the problem so quickly is of great relief.
Thank you again for taking the time to share how these traps should be used and not just flogging them.



Bonjour,  Many thanks for your excellent service. We have been away and couldn't set the traps immediately. However, they went in the ground this morning...and we caught our first mole within three hours!

We are, of course, delighted with your molecatching process.  Best Wishes,  Ken



I bought a couple of traps from you last week after a good chat on the phone. One was a Talpex trap, it is excellent with 100% success each time used. I have just ordered two more... Thank you. M J



Hi Chris,

Put my 3 traps in as per instructions!


First day 1 mole


Second day ( same hole) 1 mole.


Hoping for a “hat – trick “ tomorrow.


Great product,Cheers Nick.



Very clear straight forward instructions. Traps working a treat, one area cleared for now, ie no more new mole hills for several days. About to start on one of our paddocks. 
Thanks very much



Just a short note to thank you for the traps and instruction. We have managed to eradicate the mole infestation almost completely. The traps work extremely well plus the run probe has also been very effective. Mike


Dear Mr Boone

Thank you and I found your CD very helpful. Even as a country boy if you had a mole problem you called in the molecatcher but you make everything seem easy (except perhaps finding the runs I dug a couple of holes to find nothing!) (note. This customer did not buy a mole run probe!!)

I caught 1 mole after a couple of days and 2 more in quick succession about a fortnight later. I doubt that I have cleared the problem but there is no more surface activity so I have lifted the traps.

Thanks again

Peter McCosh



Success! Hopefully the first of many, I may need to order some more traps! Regards Justin



Just like to say i,ve been trying to catch moles for months with cheap scissor traps but after using your tunnel traps for two weeks i have caught two.Excellent traps and instructional cd.Thanks Mark



Dear Chris, I live on a small holding in East Sussex and have been plagued by moles for years, both in my garden and in the fields we use for making hay each year. After paying £15 per mole to our local 'mole man', I decided to give it a try myself and ordered 3 of your tunnel traps from Amazon last year. So pleased was I with the results from these, I have just ordered another 5 tunnel traps which arrived this morning. The combination of your traps and the instruction you give are 'deadly' effective. It is very seldom that I set a trap without catching a mole.......I have lost count now, but it must be over 20 moles by now! Thanks a lot, fantastic traps and great advice! Peter 



Hello Chris

I think when I emailed  you in June I had caught 16, from June to Sept I caught another 4. I have not seen molehill
since throughout the winter which is quite amazing, considering the problems I normally get during the winter months, especially last winter. Long may it continue.
Thanks again for your advice and your super traps. Regards Kevin



Just a note to say how absolutely excellent I have found your CD. My tally to date is 8 moles. 
thank you Pat     Note Bought CD Rom 06/01/15



Chris  Just a quick thank you for your after sales service, excellent videos, caught 2 in 48hrs.

A very happy customer. Kind regards Alistair B



Hello Chris

In March last year I purchased three mole traps from you (via Amazon).

I didn’t use them until about June when activity returned to my lawn. I followed your instruction video, found it very helpful and eventually caught my first mole.

I caught another about September.

Just before Xmas the little blighters returned so I found the runs and laid out all three traps.

I checked them before the new year and nothing but I left them in place and yesterday checked them again and found one caught in one trap and two more in another trap, one in either end!

Should I place them out again or wait until there is more activity?

Thank you for your help I would recommend it to anybody.   Regards Richard



Hullo Mr Boone
A quick message to let you know I caught my first mole using your tunnel traps which arrived on Saturday last-many thanks I am much encouraged
Kind regards Steve



Credit where credit is due. I followed your instructions to the letter and caught 6 moles in the first 10 days. Thanks to you I`ve become a legend in my farming community. 

I`ve recently been away for over a month to return to find two hills, I planted the traps and hey presto within 2 days I`d caught the little blighter. 

Can`t thank you enough, your product is excellent. Mike in France. PS: On my recommendation I believe you sold traps to a pal of mine in Cantal, Phil 



Hi Chris,

We received our mole trap pack from you last week and after watching the CD set the two traps, one barrel trap and one scissor  trap according to your instructions. On checking them about 36 hours later we had one in the barrel trap, so reset it as advised, but up to date haven't caught another, but neither have we got any more mole hills, I cannot believe that one little mole could do so much damage, our lawn is returning to its former glory.   But not to be too smug, our traps are poised ready to go if necessary.

So thank you for your explicit instructions on how to save ones sanity and we can thoroughly recommend your products especially here in France where the usual advice is the use of very expensive smoke bombs /explosives!! Or plastic bottles on canes that are a regular sight in most gardens.

Regards Barbara M



Dear Chris,    had to drop you a line a) to say your package is excellent and b) that I had first time success - to say I am chuffed about it is an understatement! Thank you. Kind regards Jonny



Put traps in on sat afternoon and got first mole by tues afternoon. Your vid was great, well done sir.



Have just bought from you 2 Talpex traps via amazon. 24hrs caught mole which had evaded snap traps and tunnel traps - super! Set up exactly as in video. Question where did you get narrow pointed spade, or is it a cut down one? Think i may have to do this to a 'lady' spade. I used a trowel but not easy to get a clean cut. Regards Ray ------------


Hi Chris,

To let you know about the mole situation.

When I was out here (France) in August, there was considerable mole activity on one of the lawns.

I followed your very clear instructions. The hardest part of the process was locating the run as the soil is full of broken tiles / lumps of limestone which make it difficult.

Used my new narrow spade when I eventually located a run, cleared it out, set a trap, riddled soil back over it, covered it with a large bucket. Came down next morning and I had caught the mole. No more mole hills for the rest of that trip. 

 Have been out here since 3rd September and still no mole activity in the garden at all.

So many thanks. I at least feel confident that should another mole venture in here, I will be able to catch it.

Kind regards,




Hi Chris
Not sure if I got back to you with feedback on the mole trap. They all worked perfectly! I set them all the first night in the loose soil of the garden, a few tunnels were a bit deeper so the soil was firmer. The first night I caught two moles straight away! I reset the traps but there were no more triggered, I saw no more molehills for a few weeks and have only just seen one molehill this week but as its not on my allotment I'm not concerned yet.
Thanks again for a brilliant product and for your help.
Best regards



Nicely packed and arrived ok. Unlike normal blokes and normally me I decided to read the instructions and watched the videos twice then looked at instructions again. I have to admit that for the first time dealing with my mole problem of about 6 years i actually felt confident, this is directly because of your excellent tuition and traps. Used the probe and could really feel the runs, put 2 tunnel traps as instructed and 36 hours later caught a mole. Re-trapped and nothing since. Traps cleaned and put away for now. Excellent product and advice, definitely recommended. Thanks Barry. 



Dear Chris

Oh .. at last  ....... was the comment from our Parish Council ...... and ..
well done ! After four days with five traps set in a Recreation Ground ( not
easy when you have kids and dogs riding over and pawing mole hills) a total
of 8 moles.

It is no wonder that I did not manage to catch any moles before as upon
inspection the traps that I had were so inferior that they were just
pathetic. Your tutorial was excellent and I follow it to the letter.

Next stop is the Cemetery Grounds and then on to two football pitches that
both have one troublesome mole.

Many thanks Chris and best wishes to you and your business.

Kind Regards

Mark Woodford



Hello Chris,
I purchased 5 traps from you mid-march and have caught 16 moles to date. I have farmland to the west and south and woodland to the north and east, so they come in to my property without permission!!

Near the woodland I have now caught 7 in the same run over the last 2 weeks, 3 in 12 hours. The other 9 in the paddock and garden, including 4 in a week in the same tunnel in the garden.

Many thanks for the information on your website and youtube videos. These traps you sell are certainly very deadly compared to the scissor traps which are a waste of time. Regards, Kevin Fickling.

Dear Chris, 

Tunnel traps arrived yesterday midday, set all 4 after lunch, two less moles this morning.

The crusade will continue!

Many thanks,   Alan 


Just like to say a big thank you for the downloaded cd, mole probe, and Talpex trap. Followed your instructions and set it last night, caught a mole first time. Your explanation of how to find runs, and setting the Talpex trap worked perfectly. Have reset it in same run just in case there are some more, as you suggested.

Thanks again John

Sent from my iPad

Hi Chris  I bought a molekit from you earlier this year, followed by more traps, and I thought you might like to know how I am getting on.

I have so far caught 68 moles.  The total includes 31 on my own 30 acre farm and the rest were caught on land belonging to two of my neighbours.

To my great surprise I have been asked by two farmers who have trapped moles all their lives to give them mole catching lessons. Furthermore, it seems that everyone far and wide now seems to know who I am.

The crowning glory came a fortnight ago when a local pest controller appeared at my door, wanting to ask my advice. Whatever next?  Regards Richard Martin

Dear Chris, Well what can we say, your a bloody genius!!!

David put your system into action and caught six moles! he caught 2 at the same time, one either end of the trap, so well done to you and your system, thank you very much! It has been 2 weeks since the last appearance of any hills, so David removed the traps this morning, and fingers crossed, but of course if they re-appear we know what to do!

If you are ever in the area, we would be happy to cook dinner for you to express our gratitude! Kind regards for now, Nicky

Just to let you know that I have tried the kit after purchasing at Chatsworth. 

After a year of trying with various traps and methods I caught a mole the first night and another 2 days later with your kit and expert guidance 

many thanks  Neil

Hi Chris
I wanted to let you know how successful I've been in clearing our 8 acres of moles within 4 months and how happy we are, now that we can look out on and admire our clear fields and lawns!

Since I got your traps in June, I've caught 38 moles and for the past two weeks we have been completely mole hill free. My immediate neighbour even remarked to me how there'd been 'less mole activity' this year not realizing I was doing my best reduce it to zero, doing us both a favour!

Just received your CD Rom. Great communication skills. My wife, who is a teacher, says that you obviously realise you are trying to teach men who never read instructions!  Graeme 

At last a trapping method that works - thanks!!! Best Regards Roy

I think I owe you a little thanks??  

I have always classed myself as a mole catcher/pest controller and have trapped several hundred moles over time I have truely become a mole catcher :-)

I thought it was beginners luck when I caught the first few, but no it keeps happening, in fact now I am disappointed if i check traps, it has sprung and no mole, I am expecting to and really do catch each and nearly every time.

And instead of before placing 10 -15 claw traps all over I now put no more then 2 tunnel traps per mole.

I have a new lease of life!

Thank you Chris Sansom Pest Control


Thanks for the quick delivery, both parcels arrived Saturday. I read the guidance and watched the videos and then got stuck in on Sunday. This morning was our first success. The runs are very shallow here but the tuned traps and advice has certainly put a smile on my sons face as I promised him £3 a mole...... 

Could be an expensive summer! Dave P.

Hi Chris,
Had really good success with the kit you supplied me with a couple of weeks ago. Cleared my garden and my neighbours.
My three traps are now in the ground at a neighbour opposite, and I’ve been asked to tackle two more gardens – hence my second order!
The instructional stuff you supply is really very clear.

Thanks and kind regards
Nigel H.