Mole Catching Kit Plus

One Talpex Trap included plus tunnel traps of your choice.

Trap Numbers. Small garden 2. Large garden up to 5. Paddocks. Start with 5 and order more if needed.If you need more traps than possible here, order them from the TRAPS PAGE.

ONE PIECE PROBE. If you order from outside the United Kingdom, the kit comes with  a two piece probe You need a 13mm or 1/2 inch spanner/wrench and a vice or two 13mm spanners to rejoin it. 

Our Price:  £41.00


In stock, dispatch 2 to 3 days  

In stock, dispatch 2 to 3 days

Mole Control Made Easy.  The Mole Catching Kit plus contains  

  • Tunnel Traps of your choice, 
  • 1 Talpex Trap 
  • A Mole Run Probe one piece, outside United Kingdom two piece
  • The Molecatching Manual and six videos - all online. These should get you correctly setting traps in a little over an hour.

The first mole is usually caught within 24 hours!

The only additional items you need are a small spade, available here also, with a blade no more than 6 inches wide, and a marker stick. You can use a normal sized spade but then you will need a trowel as well. You may need a small garden riddle (sieve) for use with the Talpex Trap if you have stony soil.

No mole can avoid you with these two traps. The Talpex Trap is there for the very rare mole that will not push a trigger on a conventional trap. See the TRAP REVIEW page for details  

As far as we know this is the only system in the world like it, i.e with the equipment and the knowledge sold as one integrated package.  See what others say on my FEEDBACK page.

The link for the online Manual and videos will be sent to you when your order is despatched.



Dear Chris, I live on a small holding in East Sussex and have been plagued by moles for years, both in my garden and in the fields we use for making hay each year. After paying £15 per mole to our local 'mole man', I decided to give it a try myself and ordered 3 of your tunnel traps from Amazon last year. So pleased was I with the results from these, I have just ordered another 5 tunnel traps which arrived this morning. The combination of your traps and the instruction you give are 'deadly' effective. It is very seldom that I set a trap without catching a mole.......I have lost count now, but it must be over 20 moles by now! Thanks a lot, fantastic traps and great advice! Peter 



Hello Chris

I think when I emailed  you in June I had caught 16, from June to Sept I caught another 4. I have not seen molehill
since throughout the winter which is quite amazing, considering the problems I normally get during the winter months, especially last winter. Long may it continue.
Thanks again for your advice and your super traps. Regards Kevin

Dear Mr Boone,

I felt that I should write to let you know how delighted I have been with the mole catching equipment that you supplied recently. My ‘mole man’ of many years recently retired and I felt it was time to have a go myself. Thanks to your pretty foolproof video guides and the run detection tool, I have had great success and have cleared my six acres of 8 moles in the last 2 weeks.

This has been the first time that we have been mole free (at least temporarily) for years. Many thanks for the advice.

Michael V*****


I bought some tunnel traps from you a couple of years ago and have had excellent catch rates following you instructions on dvd. This year I had a couple of traps stolen from a public area so bought some more from you,again  with great success. At the same time I bought a talpex  trap ,in case ,and for 6 months it lay on the shelf. I have had a clever mole this week in some light soil with shallow runs barely under the surface. Twice it pushed  aside the tunnel trap so I tried the Talpex and next morning I had got him. Easy to set and install. Thanks for your advice and traps. Kind Regards Richard B



Hi Chris   Just to let you know, I just got my 36th mole today. All with the barrel traps & all in my garden. I think I have got the hang of it now! Jeremy L (Note In 4 months)



Just a quick email about the Talpex traps I bought a few months ago.  The traps are really effected and I catch just about every time I set them.  A very good product, thank you.
Peter White





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