Mole Catching Kits

Mole Trapping made easy - vital equipment and online instruction

  • Note: despite the photos all kits come with a single piece probe within the UK. Two piece if ordering from abroad.
  • The Mole Kits contain all you need to get started in the art of Mole Control, with the exception of marker sticks, and a small spade which you can also buy here.
  • Equally suitable for the beginner or person who is catching the odd mole but with inconsistent results.
  • Get setting within an hour of studying the Manual and videos online.
  • Only the very best quality equipment is in the Mole Kits. Poor copies of the tunnel traps may be cheap but many are next to useless.
  • The Kits are priced with two traps, but you can adjust the number when you order.



The Starter Kit if you are a complete beginner. It contains the best all round trap, the Tunnel, also known as the Duffus.

The Mole Kit Plus. Very occasionally a mole learns how to get round all traps that have a trigger that requires pushing. The solution for that rare mole is to include a Talpex Trap. You can always purchase the Talpex Trap separately later. The information for the Talpex is also in the Manual and videos included.

The Talpex Trap Kit contains traps that are a little bit easier to arm but have disadvantages in stony ground, and in heavy clay soil. Installation in the mole run is not as easy as the Tunnel trap.

The online Manual and Videos. Most of the questions we have had over the years are covered in the Manual and the videos. We will send you a link and password for these pages once your order is despatched.

Mole Catching Starter Kit

Mole Catching Starter Kit£25.50  -  £51.50

Mole Catching Starter Kit. Tunnel Traps, a Mole Run Probe, plus online Manual and Videos

Mole Catching Kit Plus

Mole Catching Kit Plus£34.50  -  £60.50

As per Starter Kit but with the addtion of one Talpex Trap to catch the odd tricky mole

Mole Catching Kit Talpex

Mole Catching Kit Talpex£29.00  -  £65.00

Mole Catching Kit Talpex. Contains Talpex Traps, a Mole Run Probe, plus online Manual and Videos