Mole Run Probes

Mole Run Probe one piece

Mole Run Probe one piece£14.00

United Kingdom only. This item cannot be sent airmail owing to it's length. Delivery by My Hermes Courier. Please leave a note regarding Safe Place to leave if nobody in.

Mole Run Probe two piece

Mole Run Probe two piece£19.00

The two piece probe is meant for customers outside the UK as I cannot send the one piece version by airmail. However some customers like to be able to split their probe for keeping in their car. Delivered by Royal Mail

Makes finding the mole run simpler. Made of steel rod. The tip is of larger diameter than the shaft of the rod. When you push the rod through the ground, it creates a larger hole than the shaft. This means that when you hit a mole run, you feel the distinct ‘drop’ as the shaft of the tool  is not being gripped by the soil. Painted orange to make it highly visible.