Mole Traps

Two types of mole trap. With 50 years experience of mole catching, in my opinion the Tunnel Trap, also known as the Duffus, is the best all round trap there is. If you have stone free soil then you might want to consider  the Talpex Trap as your main trap. 

Of their type these two traps shown are the best there are on the market. You can buy cheaper, but if you read my MOLE TRAP REVIEW page you will see why you should not!

With your purchase you get a link to a video made by me which shows you exactly how to set and install the traps.


Tunnel Trap

Tunnel Trap£6.75

High Quality Tunnel Mole Trap

Talpex Trap

Talpex Trap£9.70

High Quality Genuine Talpex Mole Trap

Box of 34 Tunnel Traps

Box of 34 Tunnel Traps£187.00



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