Each video here is PASSWORD PROTECTED as they are meant for those who have purchased products.


NOTE If the password does not work, to date it has always been a problem at your end not mine!!

1. Check you have not got Caps lock on

2. Type in the password rather than paste it in

3. If still not working then change browser if you have a second one on your computer.

Very occasionally even all those methods do not work and it is something to do with the security settings on your computer. Ring or direct email me and I will send you a link.


Click on the item below to watch the video. You will be taken to a page where you must enter the specific password for that product.


 Video 1.  TALPEX TRAP     9 minutes



Videos 2 & 3.    TUNNEL TRAP     2 videos, 3 minutes and 9 minutes



Video 4. Using a Mole Run Probe                      4 minutes



Number 5. Mole Catching with the Tunnel and Talpex Trap  Download